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I thought that I would spare the cliche of naming this post “You Can’t Handle the Truth” and just launch right into a short comment about how important it really is.  To those of us so ardently and evangelically minded, our first inclination is to think of the Bible as being synonymous with Truth.  I grant you that it is, but is God passionate for the small ‘t’ version of truth?  For instance, when we speak against the grain and even perhaps against the views of our family and friends is that something God blesses? A resounding yes.  Sometimes speaking the truth can cost us dear; a friendship, a reputation, a promotion yet consider that anything worth having is something worth losing.  When everyone at works is gossiping about a particular co-worker and you have the opportunity to say, “actually, that is not what I observed and I do not think we should be talking about them behind their backs”.  That little statement could cost you a project, a workpal perhaps because who on earth wants to work with someone that has made it clear that they don’t gossip?  What else is there to talk about?  Consider this scenario…you have made it clear that they shouldn’t gossip and that you won’t gossip.  You haven’t broken out Scripture and given a three-point exposition of Romans 1, you haven’t handed out tracts, and the name of “Christ”, “salvation” or “God” has not been mentioned.  My contention is this: any statement, declaration, view, or action which purports a truth or refutes an error is a fantastic demonstration of the Imago De! 

Let’s expand this…if Christ be our Lord, then our natural inclination at error, lies and deceit will be abhorrence AND, as much as it is within our grasp, to ultimately bring truth to light.  Plainly, not all truth is Scripture.  So, let the lies of politicians, world governments, false prophets, New Age philosophies and two-bit televangelists deceive the world at large, but never the Elect.  Grow in discernment by speaking the truth!


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3 Responses to “Truth”

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Very good. As the Spirit works in us, through His word, fruit such as this will be shown. God does not stop with church, but in His sovereign power makes the whole lives of His chosen people comport(should he provide such a length of time) with His word in all aspects of life.

agreed. there’s a time and place to speak the truth. perhaps a private conversation at a later time would be more conducive instruction and effective outcome rather than in the heat of the moment.

that verse also includes “in love,” meaning, it’s with love, not hate or resentful attitude that motivates to action.

no set rules, requires discernment, one’s heart check.
sometimes less is more.

Thank you very much for responding. Please forgive my very absent maintenance of this site, but the email address that notifies me of new comments has not been doing its job! 🙂

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